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School Safety

School safety overview:

• Education is one of the most important building blocks on which an equitable, inclusive and developmental society is built.
• In order to achieve the best educational outcomes certain preconditions needs to exist.
• One of these preconditions is that learners and educators are and feel safe in schools and on the way to and from schools.
• Unfortunately, in South Africa as in many other countries, schools are characterised by violence and many other safety challenges.
• Safety in schools has been made explicit in the National Development Plan as well as the South African Government’s Vision for 2030.

School Programmes to address challenges in schools are as follows:

• Linking of schools to Police station.
• Establishment and training of school safety committees.
• Distribution and training on the use of drug testing devices.
• Awareness programmes on drugs and substance abuse(TADA).
• Gangsterism and Bullying.
• Conduct search and seizures