Re-issue Of National Senior Certificate

Apply for a re-issue of a matric certificate (change of particulars). 

The Department of Basic Education or provincial department of education will re-issue a matric certificate with changed particulars under certain conditions. 

To change information on your matric certificate, you must apply to the Eastern Cape Department of Education Exams Directorate by completing the appropriate form (Application for Change / Correction of Personal Particulars: Administrative Errors or Application for re-issue of senior certificate/NSC due to change of personal information: Legal changes).You must go to the nearest education department office in person so that an official can interview you before they make the amendments.  

You can ask for the statement of results while waiting for the release of your certificate. Find out more about re-issue of a matric certificate or contact the Exams Directorate at 043 604 7712/95.

Re-issue: Administrative Errors

Within the six-month period after certification (first issue), but not later than a year after the last examination, a request for a re-issue will be considered in cases where there is sufficient proof that the mistake on the certificate, either with regard to a subject mark, subject choice or a change in result, or some aspect of the personal details, is incorrect because of a registration error by the school or department.  

Re-issue: Alteration of Sex Description and Sex Status

In the situation where the Director – General of the Department of Home Affairs has granted an application in terms of the Alteration of Sex Description and Sex Status Act, 2003, and a person’s sex-description has been altered accordingly, the person may, through the Department of Basic Education or Provincial Education Department, make application for re-issue with a change of name/personal details (if requested), and a re-assignation of sex description on the Umalusi data-base. 

Documentation Required


- Certified copies of the candidate’s old and new Identity Documents

- A detailed sworn statement (affidavit) by the candidate

- The original certificate

- Application form obtainable from the DBE/PED

- A letter from the Department of Home Affairs confirming that it has, on behalf of the person in question, acted in terms of Section 27(A) of the Births and Death Registration Act, 1992, and that it has altered the sex description (and the names) of that person.

What you should do?

Pay the prescribed fee by postal order at the Post Office, cash at DBE/PED office or by cheque. 

Go to the nearest DBE/PED offices with the following documents:  

- Your original national/ senior certificate and a certified copy

- Identity document (ID) and a certified copy of your ID

- An affidavit stating the reasons for alteration (detailed one)

- Confirmation letter from the Department of Home Affairs

- Birth certificate, clinic card or baptismal certificate

How long does it take?

It takes four to six weeks for a Re-Issue certificate

How much does it cost?

- Re-issue certificate: R73 until 31 March 2015

- Statement of results: R26 until 31 March 2015

Who to contact?

National office: 012 357 4511/13

Eastern Cape: 043 604 7709/73

Western Cape: 021 467 2483

Northern Cape: 053 839 6585

KwaZulu Natal: 031 327 0538/0331

Free State: 051 404 8000

Gauteng: 011 355 0588

North West: 018 384 3100/51

Limpopo: 015 290 7747/7830