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Inclusive education and social cohesion ensure that every learner in the province receives a quality education and can become a productive citizen.
This pillar highlights the pivotal role that education has in unifying society around the common goal of preparing for the future of our children.

Inclusive education will facilitate the inclusion of vulnerable learners and reduce barriers to learning through targeted support structures and mechanisms that will improve the retention of learners in the education system, particularly learners who are prone to dropping out.

This pillar focuses on the following. Screening Identification Assessment Support Policy: Implement an efficient system for early identification and intervention in addressing barriers to learning.

Implementation of streamlined Provincial Norms and Standards and the use of Technology for monitoring and evaluation of the Screening Identification Assessment Policy process in the province.

In accordance with Implementation of SIAS, in the previous financial year, the Department had set a target of 2 000 which included Grade 1 and Grade 8 learners.

During the MEC’s Annual Outreach Programme, learners were screened for hearing and vision.

They were also provided with Therapeutic, Rehabilitative and Psychological services.