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Rationalisation of Schools

  • The vision of the School Rationalisation Programme (SRP) is to reshape and re-organise the education system in the Eastern Cape in order to provide quality education for each learner, a better teaching environment for teachers and a better future for all.  The mission of the SRP programme is to rationalize and re-align small, unviable, non-performing schools in order to effiently allocate financial and human resources to where they are most needed.  The School Rationalization Programme is a carefully planned and sensitively managed process wihch will result in viable, appropriately located, capacitated, resourced and well managed centres of learning and teaching.  These schools will be better equipped to deliver on quality education for the Eastern Cape.

The Schools Rationalisation Programme has the following focus areas:

  • Re-purposing and converrting school infrastructure to meet different educational needs
  • Ensuring all subject choices are taught with the correct expertise and resources
  • Extending the amount of subject choises so as to appropriately equip learners with the skills needed for further academic, vocational and occupational pursuits
  • The promotion of scarce subject offerings such as Agriculture, Maritime studies, Music and others
  • Establishing new schools where needed
  • Establishing schools hostels where needed
  • Closing small and unviable schools

Small and unviable schools with buildings made of unsuitable materials or mud structures, that have no potentials for growth, will not be built.  These schools wil be provided with temporary structures including ablution facilities during the process of rationalisation.