Author: ECDOE
Date: 11 March 2022

Two boy learners travelling to KT Mchasa high school in Tsolo were swept away by a strong tide of the flooded Mapolisa river of Mahlubini location while trying to cross on their way home, from school on Tuesday, March 8th, 2022. 

Both the Grade 10 and Grade 11 learners were trying to cross a river with a collapsed bridge about 6 kilometers away from school. 

Police divers were called to the scene to search/comb the river for the bodies, and also parents were informed of this incident. Unfortunately the first and second days' search went in vain. Police were assisted by locals and other stakeholders. Today both bodies were found by the South African Police Divers. 

The district provided the school learners and educators with psychosocial support and they also receiving counseling session as arranged by the district office. These sessions started today at 10h00 (10 March). Closely related persons also received counseling. 

Today, police divers searched the river and managed to get both bodies of the boys,  Lutho Khuzani 17 years and Chulumanco Shumani 14 years. All relevant stakeholders and families were summoned to the scene to assist in identifying the bodies of the deceased. 

MEC Gade send his condolences to the bereaved families. "We both have been robbed of our national treasure. I hope the family will find solace in God during this trying times of their lives", said Gade.

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