Statement on State of Readiness for 2023 NSC Examinations

Author: ECDOE
Date: 23 October 2023

I have convened this press briefing session to update you on the state of readiness of the Eastern Cape Department of Education to manage and conduct a successful national Senior Certificate examination for the 2023 academic year, as well as steps being taken to support these learners as they write the NSC Examinations.

Pledge signing Ceremony 

Today marks the beginning of the examination through the Pledge signing ceremony which is a pledge of commitment by all Grade 12 learners.

The Council of Education Ministers has approved that all learner candidates registered to write the 2023 NSC examinations sign a Pledge committing to comply with the Examinations Code of Conduct applicable to all candidates.

The rational for the Pledge Signing Ceremony is to assist with the curbing and control of examination irregularities and is an attempt to adopt a more proactive rather than a reactive approach to the reduction of examination irregularities.

All Districts are requested to ensure that the Pledge Signing Ceremony takes place as scheduled, as adopting a uniform date and time for the signing of the Pledge, across the country will also assist in the rational tone for the writing of the examination in all Grades.

In addition to the Pledge Signing, learners and parents are required to sign the Commitment Agreement, which provides a detailed list of the key rules and regulations relating to the NSC examination.

All learners and their parents /guardians must sign the Commitment Agreement, prior to the commencement of the examinations. All schools will therefore be participating in the Pledge Signing Ceremony today to conscientize learners against committing irregularities.

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