Human Resource holds a Strategic Planning Session

Author: Thando Ngcume
Date: 02 March 2023

The Eastern Cape Department of Education held a HRM&D Strategic Planning Session in East London, Buffalo City Metro Education District.

The subjective objective of the programme was to develop and implement a mission, vission and operational plan for the year 2023-2024.

Giving the purpose of the day was the ECDoE Human Resource Chief Director, Qaphela Luthuli, he said,  "The four-day programme was designed to implement HR communication strategy as well as to enhance the relationship with all clients and stakeholders."

'Therefore, I believe that by the end of this session the Directorate will be able to present a collation of the wins and gaps of the Chief Direcorate and provide a broad planning framework for the key focus areas for 2023-2024," added Luthuli.

Setting the tone was the ECDoE Corporate Services Acting Deputy Director General Sihle Mnguni, he said it was long overdue for the HRM & D to hold sessions of this calibre to engage on effectiveness of the Department Services to the branch. 

Therefore, by the end of this programme we expect that each and everyone to have a better understanding on the client's and the client's context to better articulate the strategic objectives of HR."

"By attending the Strategic Planning Sessions, I have learned a lot in comparing the functioning of Sarah Baartman against other districts, our challenges are either the same, but as Sarah Baartman we also have unique challenges," said Sarah Baartman Human Resource Planning &Administration Deputy Director, Derek Helm.

Additionally, Derek said, "After a long break of not having had a HR forum, it is a good practice for us to get together as HR Practitioners and share our challenges, success and the way forward to improve our Directorate. 

Many new faces have joined our section and it is refreshing that young employees can learn from experienced HR gurus as well as contributing new methods," concluded Derek.

Closing remarks was done by the HRP & IPS Directorate Lidumzi Komle, he said, "The session was a success and participants had showed dedication and commitment to try to improve communications and treating each other professionally, to create healthy working relations from now on moving forward."

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