ECDoE sprouting entrepreneur Awarding Ceremony

Author: Thando Ngcume
Date: 04 November 2022

The Eastern Cape Department of Education held a Certificate Awarding ceremony and handing over of training manuals for 20 schools selected from the Alfred Nzo East Education District recently.

The schools were selected because they are from poorest locations of the District to give support to learners for personal development that can help eradicate poverty in their communities.

 Revitalization of Agricultural Schools, Chief Education Specialist Keith Chauke, said the schools will be given teaching training manuals to assist the schools.

"The schools have completed the Sprounting Entrepreneur's initiative with a moral obligation to make sure that we rub this project to develop and assist learners to become entrepreneurs as early as possible using Agricultural Skills."

Speaking on behalf of the Sprounting Enterpreneurs Project Dr. Matthias Forcjer-Mayt who is from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research said that he was "I am proud to see the progress at the 'birth place' (Alfred Ndzo East District) of this project."

"Today I am here to congratulate you all for being a part of this project, even though we lost colleagues along the way due to Covid-19 pandemic we never lost our dream project," said the ECDoE Resoursing and Schools Administration, Acting Chief Director, Reverent Amos Fetsha.

Fetsha added that the project is the part of the legacy that was left by the late ECDoE Head of Department, Themba Kojana.

Ludeke Primary School (Tabankulu) Principal Ntlahleni Magwana said that the project gave them a greater  understanding of their responsibilities as teachers when it comes to entrepreneurship knowledge  and  skills.

"It has been very informative and surely will enhance confidence to learners, eradicate poverty in their communities.  We promise to keep this dream alive," concluded Magwana.