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Author: ECDOE
Date: 18/03/2022

18 March 2022 managed to deliver 99.9% of stationery packs to the schools in the province. The delays in the deliveries are an area of concern considering that schools opened already on 25 January 2022.

This was caused by lack of funding for purchasing of LTSM for 2022 academic year and the department had to request the intervention of DBE, Treasury and Office of the Premier and funds were allocated to the tune of R267,699,000.00 to procure LTSM for the current academic year.

However, this amount was made available in December 2021 which meant that the department could only start with the procurement processes in January of 2022, hence the delays in the delivery of such material.

The department is now busy with a top up for those schools that had to unexpectedly admit more learners at the start of the academic year. Schools were given up to the 10 March 2022 to indicate any additional requirements.

On the delivery of textbooks, the department prides itself in the manner in which our schools have been able, in the past years to implement their retrieval policies effectively.

This had led to a 98% retrieval rate, meaning that most learners have textbooks at their disposal for teaching and learning purposes.

An amount of R53,539,800.00 was set aside for the purchasing of the required top up as requisitioned by schools. Currently, the stock available at the warehouse is more than 50% and that will be delivered to schools before the end of March 2022.

The department remains committed in ensuring that quality education is achieved in the province. The improvement in the NSC matric results of 2021 means that more work has to be done in ensuring that we maintain our gains. 

Issued by: ECDoE Communications for more information please contact departmental spokesperson Mr. Mali Mtima @ 084 230 1976/Acting Director Communications: Ms Nyameka Tokwe-Mgijima @ 060 530 0348.