EC Education hosts Annual Attainment Improvement Conference

Author: Nomava Ncapayi
Date: 07 February 2023

The Eastern Cape Department of Education is hosting a two-day Provincial Learner Attainment Improvement Strategy Workshop (LAIS) at the East London International Conventional Centre.

The workshop will review the performance of the Department in the 2022 National Senior Certificate Examinations, profile the Class of 2023 Grade 12 and come up with LAIS priorities for the 2023 academic year.

The two-day workshop is attended by the Departmental Top Management (Deputy Directors General, Chief Directors and Directors, District Directors, Chief Education Specialists from Curriculum and Institutional Organisation Management, Subject Advisors and Circuit Managers.

Setting the scene for the workshop, Acting Head of Department Mahlubandile Qwase encouraged the attendees to be brave and take pride in their Province (Eastern Cape).

“Limitations will always be there but does not mean we cannot be brave and take risks as a Province. We must overcome our fear and cowardice as officials of the Eastern Cape Department of Education because through bravery we can make huge changes that will benefit the learners of the Province,” said an enthusiastic Qwase.

Qwase also introduced the 2023 academic year ‘theme’ for the Department that will ‘carry the Province to 80% pass rate’.

“The theme that I suggest we move forward with this year ‘courage is calling’ is simple yet so fitting for us to move to greater heights as a Province,” added Qwase.

Over the two days the workshop will aim at addressing four objectives to review the progress made in utilizing assessment data to develop strategies to improve the quality and efficiency of learning outcomes, assess progress made and measures taken to accelerate the implementation of mechanisms, assess progress made and practical steps taken to accelerate teaching and learning of all subject, review progress made and practical steps to accelerate quality teaching and learning in rural schools for learners with special education needs.

The workshop is expected to conclude on Tuesday, and delegates are expected to go back to their respective districts to implement all the declared workshop resolutions.