Dr Mbude met with Lathitha family

Author: ECDOE
Date: 16 December 2021

The Head of Department for ECDoE, Dr Naledi Mbude, has today kept her word of meeting with the family of the late Lathitha Nako, who passed away on Wednesday, 17 November 2021.

This is subsequent to the statement issued by the department on 09 December 2021 on this matter. The meeting was held at Zwelitsha Head Quarters with representatives from the family and senior managers of the Department.

Both the Department, as lead by Dr Mbude and the family agreed that services of an independent investigator must be solicited to delve deeper into the contents of the report as well as the recommendations as proposed by the Labour Relations team.

The family will be given an opportunity to provide inputs towards the appointment of the said investigator to ensure fairness in all respects.

This is done to ensure that there is no stone left unturned in dealing with this matter and for all parties to satisfy themselves.

Secondly, it was resolved that all other engagements with other stakeholders be put on hold to allow time and space for the independent investigator to present his/her findings on the matter for a final report to be tabled early in 2022 to all affected parties.

Critically, is the commitment by the department to continue providing psycho-social support to the family during these trying times.

The department is committed in treating this matter with all the sensitivity it deserves and would further request that community members respect the decisions made thus far.

Issued by ECDoE Communications
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