Amakrwala Camp held to educate boys about manhood

Author: Thando Ngcume
Date: 06 October 2022

The Eastern Cape Department of Education working with the house of traditional leaders, South African Police Services and the Keeping Boys in School Monitors held Boys/Amakrwala Camp at the Fish Riverbank, Peddie, Amathole West Educational District.

The One-Hundred and fourteen learners were from the Amathole West, Sarah Baartman, Nelson Mandela Bay, Buffalo City Metro and Chris Hani West Education District of the Eastern Cape Province.

The event of this nature is happening for the first time in the Province with the intention to educate boys about manhood and its impact to eradicate all forms of abuse and ill-discipline in schools and societies. 

Elaborating more on the above statement was the Schools Health Safety and Learner Enrichment, Acting  Director Pumla Gxuluwe, as she was highlighting the purpose of the day.

She said, "Today we gathered here to respond to calls of reported cases of gruesome rape, dropouts in schools and aggression of boys in schools, therefore  discussions will be on causes and possible solutions to the scourge of violence and Social Ills which continue to bedevil our country."

Welcoming note on behalf of the House of Traditional Leaders was addressed by the Nkosi Ngwekazi, The Amabheke King said, "Today the Royal Families, joined the stakeholders here to discuss a very sensitive subject (Ubudoda) Manhood that seems to have been lost by these young boys as they come from initiation schools, therefore we as the house of Traditional Leaders welcome the Department of Education, Amakrwala and present stakeholders in our land whole-heartedly hoping for continuity in such events." 

Commented on behalf of the Keeping Boys in Schools Mentor (KBISM) was the Buffalo City Municipality Learners Support Agents Supervisor, Mandilakhe Hebi under the Care and Support for Teaching and Learning programme, under the School Health Safety and Learner Enrichment Directorate, he said, "KBISM is mandated to engage these new initiate to build their confidence and integrate them to the society."

We find that most of the Amakrwala when they come from the bush they come back corrupted and lack role models, so we working with the Education Sector,  we are trying to educate and engage the boys to be better people in society by forming groups and peer education and also identifying barriers that lead the amakrwala to risky behaviors and challenges that affect the boy child. We connect the boys to relevant stakeholders to mitigate the risks."

"Therefore, this camp will ensure the increased number of retention and be able to identify the consequences of their actions (perpetrators)," added Mandilakhe.

Speaking on behalf of Amakrwala was Lolwethu Sam (19) from Silimela High School BCM Education District. Lolwethu said, "It was with great pleasure to partake in an event of this nature with my peers, we gathered here sharing our experiences coming from varies districts or societies, I can honestly say that the event was a success and very informative and we will all go home as changed men."