Venue: Tsitsa Falls in Tsolo

Date: 12 August 2022

Time: 15:00

The Eastern Cape Department of Education  will on Friday  August 12th, 2022 hold BOYS CAMP, Indaba at the Tsitsa Falls in  Tsolo from 
15:00 as part of building a responsible citizens from these youngsters. 
Critically to be discussed in this camp include issues like the causes and possible solutions to this scourge of violence and Social Ills which continue to bedevil this country. 

These young men will also be taught mechanisms and ways to avert violence. Details of the event are as follows: 
Date: 12-13 August  2022 
Venue: Tsitsa Falls (Tsolo) 
Time: 15:00  
All journalists are invited, and attending ones will be afforded an opportunity for one on one interviews with the departmental leadership including present  partners. 
Issued by: ECDoE Communications. For more information please contact Mali Mtima @ 062 0571591/MEC Spokesperson Vuyiseka Mboxela @071 713 2222/Director: Nyamie Mgijima-Tokwe @ 060 530 0348